Meet the MIRR Team


Akash Anil Nair

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Akash is a Second?Third? Year Arts student majoring in Politics and International Relations and criminology. He is a shutterbug and can be seen lugging around a camera in the open world looking for birds! Akash is also the Academics Director for MIRS!


Anushree Gupta

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Anushree is a third year Bachelors of Arts student reading Politics, International Studies. She is an avid reader, with a weird fascination with Vladimir Putin and Russian politics (she reserves the right to change this). Currently, she is very determined to learn spanish. Anushree is also the President of the Melbourne IR Society and aspires to work in public policy.


Mevuni Wanigasooriya

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Mevuni is a second year Arts student, double majoring in ‘Economics’ and ‘Politics and International Studies’. She has a vast range of interests but is currently focussed on banking and consultancy. During her free time, you can catch her binging squid game or dancing salsa. She is also the Vice President of Melbourne International Relations Society.


Jessica Ewert

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Jessica is an Anthropology and Political and International Relations major at The University of Melbourne. During the pandemic she learnt how to knit and loves making scarves, as well as baking banana bread. Jess is also part of the MIRR team as Marketing Director, making graphics for events and social media! During her spare time, Jess loves to read and looks forward to going on day trips post-lockdown.


Anushka Singh

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Anushka is a second year Bachelor of Arts student majoring in Anthropology and Politics & International Studies. She is obsessed with incorporating anthropological discourse such as ethnic nationalism and cultural relativism in understanding the nature of conflict, development and identity politics in contemporary international relations research. She is also the Secretary of MIRS!


TianChi He

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TianChi He is a student of bachelor of commerce, double reading in economics and finance. He has a fascination towards the trends of intersection international relations and economics portray. In his spare time, he likes to watch comedy and read.